Our Brand

What we do

Outland Denim crafts premium denim jeans designed to bring the worlds of our sewers and our customers closer together. We source the finest raw materials from around the world while offering sustainable employment and training opportunities to women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We strive to execute our brand vision and imbue all that we do with excellence, creativity and integrity.

DESIGN LENSE / INSPO - Product design focus 

From our original line of men’s and women’s denim we have evolved to present a cohesive range of premium staples to furnish the wardrobes of our customers. We put subtle modern touches into our patterns to keep our fits contemporary but always have longevity in mind: we want our garments to live a full life with our customers, taking them from the highways to the high street, from the office to the beach. Our customers all share the desire for products made with artisan attention to detail from the finest raw materials, which gives our range a beautiful, timeless feel and sophisticated global appeal.

BRAND BIO LONG Version - Who is Outland?

Outland Denim exists to create safe, healthy, dignified employment opportunities for some of the most vulnerable members of society, particularly those who have experienced human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We offer our seamstresses the opportunity to participate in their own economic, career and social advancement through education, training and paying living wages. To do this, and create lasting social change, we make jeans with an artisanal quality in our stand-alone Cambodian production house, utilising the highest quality, environmentally sound raw materials to ensure their absolute integrity. We desire for our jeans to become a part of the wearer's life story - the foundational “hero” of their wardrobe, so to speak. We also offer a classic range of timeless basics to complement our Outland originals and seasonal jean offerings. We cater to the customer who is street-wise, worldly and sophisticated with a minimal fuss approach to dressing and a desire to create positive change with their purchasing decisions. 

BRAND BIO SHORT Version - Who is Outland? 

Outland Denim crafts premium denim jeans designed to bring the worlds of our sewers and our customers closer together. We source the finest, environmentally sound, raw materials from around the world. Sustainable employment, training, living wage and personal empowerment opportunities are given to all our women who have been rescued from human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and at-risk situations.


Outland Denim was founded in 2011 by James Bartle to facilitate opportunities for young women coming out of aftercare programs with a vocational skill set but few employment opportunities. These women had experienced human trafficking, sexual exploitation and/or abuse, and were mostly from rural Cambodia where the majority of families sit just above the poverty line. With little education, trauma, stigma and no means for building a bright future, Outland stepped in with its vocational training and employment program, helping them rebuild their lives while they learnt the highly specialised craft of jean making. From the initial five sewers, Outland has grown to accommodate more than 30 sewers in its bespoke production house, expanding its social mission to include any at-risk young woman, from the unemployed to the disabled, and empowering them with knowledge, skills and a safe, encouraging work environment. It is Outland's mission to create more opportunities to join its thriving team of seamstresses, restoring hope, purpose and dignity to each individual as they ply their skills to create world-changing jeans. 

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